We have deep expertise in netting out key benefits for software and SaaS vendors.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Challenge: Software companies must target the right prospects and convey value succinctly.
With literally 1000's of software solutions to chose from, buyers require a powerful promise to get a busy professional to take a meeting.

Results: On average, we generate between 10 and 30 meetings per month for our software clients.
Our ability to target prospects using traditional attributes like industry, revenue and location combined with event-based, technographic, and personal data result in highly responsive audiences. Our expert copywriting ensures value-based messaging engages busy professionals with compelling reasons to meet. For one client in the big data/analytics space, we generated over $1MN in new sales revenue in 9 months by focusing on the utilities and retail sectors. 

From A Client

“OMFM targetting was far beyond what we were able to accomplish internally and we applied significant cycles attempting it. It's an art we realize we don't need in-house. We'd rather leave it to the experts. The campaign messaging also allowed us to take a step back and think about our prospects from their point of view. Both resulted in a successful outbound demand generation channel for us.”

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