One client is a leading fabless design firm focused on complete turnkey chip and systems design, development and supply.

A Powerful Complement to Trade Shows

Challenge: Breaking from a sole reliance on trade shows requires a pilot.
Our clients in this sector start out surprised to learn that our prospecting and email outreach can result in high-quality meetings. They assume that technical complexity requires in-person discussions to properly qualify and engage their prospects.

Results: A 3-month pilot has consistently generated far more meetings than trade shows at a lower total cost.
Sales spent less time culling through "badge-scan-leads" generated by tradeshows and more time on qualified opportunities due to the self-qualifying nature email requests for meetings. We have also shown how email outreach works to boost their ROI in trade shows by driving traffic to the booth in advance and by automating the follow-up post-show.

From A Client

“We didn't think this lead generation approach would work for us and that we had to rely solely on trade shows to grow new business and explore possible new sectors. We found this not only worked to generate meetings but to allow us to explore a variety of sectors quickly and cost efficiently.”

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