High net worth services and products range from private jets to homes and custom furnature.

Reach the Right High Net Worth Prospects

Challenge: Find the right prospects to present appropriate offers.
Our clients in this sector learn that email prospecting with quality offers to the right audience can be highly efficient and effective. However, getting to the right prospects requires knowing enough about them to ensure there's possible interest.

Results: For the right client offers, OMFM prospecting and outreach is extremely cost-efficient and easy to pilot.
Our pilots typically run for 3 months to determine a clear offer-audience fit and ROI, with nominal disruption to existing operations. We bring access to high-quality audiences for advertisers including Automotive, Private Aviation, Yachting, Travel & Hospitality, Wealth Management, and Real Estate. 

From One Client

“We're very glad we went ahead with a pilot with OMFM, especially given the reluctance to do so by several team members unfamiliar with this approach. The results have been far better in terms of quality and quantity opportunities generated than we ever expected. We've now entered into a long-term arrangement we continue to see benefits from. It's been a real eye-opener.”