Leading E-Commerce Fulfillment Providers, Berkshires, MA; Fresno, CA

Establish a Reliable Revenue Source 

Challenge: Finding the right prospects required innovation and patience.
Not all e-commerce fulfillment is the same. Our client has built a highly successful business by staying focused on serving clients with specific needs. Initially, even company executives were unclear about what that profile was as growth tended to be organic and referral-based. We worked with the executive team to define that ideal customer profile in terms that could translate into data-science-based attributes and automation to actively identify those prospects throughout the U.S. and overseas. 

Results: High-quality opportunities directly in sales rep inboxes consistently each month.
Today, the client's outbound channel has proven to be a reliable source of new revenue for the company with a measurable ROI and a strategic role in the company's business growth objectives. 


“OMFM has played a key role in defining our strategy and in executing our demand generation campaigns. Sourcing the right prospects required innovation and they delivered. They're a true extension of our team and consistently generate quality opportunities for us.”   - David Crane, CEO

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